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Por qué se pueden utilizar placas de aluminio gofradas para decoración

29.2024 de enero

In the process of understanding of building materials, users will find that there are many kinds of aluminum-plastic panels today, which can better meet the actual application needs. As the promotion and use of aluminum-plastic panels, it can meet the application effect of modern architecture and decoration. The embossed aluminum-plastic panels produced now can play a better decorative effect in the actual application process How to understand and apply the embossed aluminum-plastic plate in the selection and application?

Embossed aluminum plastic plate

At present, the embossed aluminum-plastic composite plate is selected by users for decoration and decoration of building materials, and the aluminum-plastic core material is formed by pressing the high-strength adhesive film and colored laminated aluminum plate, the lower aluminum plate and the aluminum-plastic core material in the middle. The advantage of this aluminum-plastic composite plate is that the embossed aluminum-plastic composite plate has all the characteristics of the aluminum-plastic composite plate, and the decorative surface and decorative surface are more beautiful due to various surfaces The three-dimensional effect of the pattern is more practical than ordinary aluminum, and the aluminum-plastic composite plate is more decorative. The embossed aluminum-plastic plate is combined to form a regular pattern. For the panel made of aluminum and aluminum-plastic plate, the coating on the surface of the aluminum wire circle layer is coated with a pattern to form a three-dimensional pattern.

Embossed aluminum plastic plate

Today's three-dimensional embossed aluminum-plastic plate is used for building decoration and decoration. It is made of high-strength adhesive film and color laminated aluminum plate. The advantages of the product are that the three-dimensional embossed aluminum-plastic plate has all the functions of aluminum-plastic plate, and the decorative surface and decorative surface are more beautiful and personalized. Due to the three-dimensional effect of various decorative surface patterns, the pattern can be repeatedly reflected with ordinary aluminum and aluminum Compared with the aluminum-plastic composite plate, it has a larger angle and is more decorative.