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How to ensure the safety of imported aluminum composite panels


In the process of selection and use of aluminum-plastic panels, there are many different classifications, mainly for the product structure and the use of basic materials. In many application fields, in order to better meet the actual use requirements, there are very strict relevant standards for the selection and use of aluminum-plastic panels, so as to meet the requirements in the design, Therefore, in the selection and use of imported aluminum-plastic plate, how to understand and apply it?

Imported aluminum plastic plate

Now, especially the imported aluminum-plastic sheet, a protective film is set between the polyethylene sheet and the upper plate of the polyethylene sheet. The aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy bottom plate, as well as the aluminum alloy roof are arranged. The top surface is provided with a fluorocarbon coating, a stone like layer and a self-cleaning nano layer from bottom to top. The lower surface of the lower aluminum alloy plate is provided with a flame retardant layer, an antibacterial molding layer, an antistatic layer, etc., which are waterproof The imported aluminum plastic board has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable design, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, antistatic and other characteristics, excellent performance, and good self-cleaning performance, can always keep the circuit board surface clean.

Imported aluminum plastic plate

At present, the design of the new imported aluminum-plastic plate aims to use aluminum and aluminum-plastic plate, which has high interlayer bonding strength and good moisture-proof effect. The key point of the technical solution is that the imported aluminum-plastic plate includes the aluminum-plastic plate core plate and is configured separately, and now the imported aluminum-plastic plate is used in the application of aluminum-plastic plate technology, and the new-type imported aluminum-plastic plate is passed by the aluminum-plastic plate core plate, aluminum plate and aluminum-plastic plate The advantages of the previous scheme are that the structure is light and flexible, labor-saving, safe and ecological.