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How to improve the use efficiency of aluminum composite panels


For the selection and use of aluminum composite plate, it is necessary to select and adopt the aluminum composite plate according to the actual application scope and requirements, so as to achieve more ideal use effect. As a new material now, through the technical improvement of professional manufacturers, in the production and manufacturing of new-type aluminum composite plate, it can solve practical application problems for users What practical efficiency can be improved in the practical application of aluminum clad plate?

Aluminum clad plate

Today's aluminum composite plate structure, and the aluminum composite plate is arranged according to the wall of the building and is embedded, the part corresponding to the elastic member in the uncompressed state, and the embedded part is provided with an opening to insert the elastic member in the compression state, and the elastic member is perpendicular to the wall connection of the composite aluminum plate and the wall, and the elastic member passes through the embedded part in the compression state The opening of the embedded part is inserted into the embedded part, and the embedded part is connected with the elastic part of the elastic part and the main part of the elastic part. The composite aluminum plate is attached to the wall of the building in turn through the main part of the elastic part, and is consistent with the composite aluminum plate, and faces the wall of the building. The aluminum composite plate is easy to install and has high installation efficiency.

Aluminum clad plate

Now it is used in the application of aluminum composite plate technology, which solves the problem of unreasonable design in the existing technology. On the surface of aluminum plate, a plurality of strip grooves are arranged in parallel with each other, and the aluminum plate is provided with a strip groove, and the prepreg connected to the prepreg is set with the copper foil away from the groove of the strip. Now, the advantages of the aluminum composite plate are that it can improve the bonding strength and improve the bonding strength Productivity.