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What are the practicalities of the chameleon composite board


In the process of selecting and using the aluminum composite plate, the user should first select the aluminum composite plate according to the actual application requirements. For the current aluminum composite plate, there are many different types, among which the chameleon aluminum composite plate can mention better decorative effect in the actual application process, for the selection and Application of new materials What is the practical value and significance for the practical application of chameleon aluminum composite plate?

Chameleon aluminum composite plate

Because the current chameleon aluminum composite plate is used for decoration and decoration of building materials by combining high-strength adhesive film with chameleon colored aluminum plate, lower aluminum plate and intermediate aluminum-plastic plate core material. The advantages of this chameleon aluminum composite plate are that, while ensuring the same strength, the chameleon aluminum composite plate greatly reduces the weight of the material and saves a lot of precious titanium and zinc materials, Because chameleon aluminum composite board has all kinds of aluminum and aluminum-plastic composite board, in addition to these functions, the surface is also decorated with magic colors, which makes the surface of decoration and decoration more beautiful, more decorative than ordinary aluminum and aluminum-plastic plate composite plate.

Chameleon aluminum composite plate

The current chameleon aluminum composite board includes the main body of the floor, including the moisture-proof layer and the moisture-proof layer. The high-density resin damping layer evenly distributes the color on the upper surface of the wear-resistant layer, and the color changing layer is arranged in the vertical concave part, and the thickness of the color changing layer is less than the depth of the vertical concave part, The new chameleon aluminum composite plate has positive significance for improving people's life.